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Monash Valley

Mount Field National Park
Tuesday 28 December 2010
Originally planned for mid December, but conditions on the day meant that the walk waited until more favourable weather. Even so at the time of arrival for the start at Wombat Moor it was quite cool and the peaks were all under cloud. We turned off the track before reaching the Woodland Mosaic and gently ascended over the wet moor, avoiding where pineapple grass wherever possible as it makes for uncomfortable walking. A wooded ridge edge was reached after 20 minutes and this was skirted until an easier descent point could be found and then it was through the woodland, over a small creek and finally into the narrow northern end of Monash Valley (an unofficial name, but seems appropriate as it sits at the foot of the summit plateau of Mount Monash). It was soon after this that the scoparia started to become noticeable with many waist high bushes in a very healthy state flowing in many colours. There were bushes of a variety of shades of …

Pelion Circuit

18 – 22 October 2010I last did the Pelion Circuit in glorious weather in 1993. With this latest walk we waited until there was a good forecast, which by good fortune meant only one day delay. On the first day the predicted showers looked a bit ominous as we drove through heavy rain from Mole Creek, but the worst had passed by the time we pulled up to start the walk.The initial track was one slightly further south than the conventional Arm River Track. It was from an offshoot of Maggs Rd and although no quicker it avoided the steepness of the normal route. It was obviously used frequently and several sizeable logs had been chainsawn through the ease the way. Much of the upper section follows a narrow valley with numerous pencil pines and is most attractive. In the days prior to the walk there had been snow and rain about and this left plenty of water with the creeks well up, including Douglas Creek at Pelion which would have been very difficult to cross if it was not for the bridge. We…

Hidden Falls

Wednesday 21 July 2010 How my memory of this as a relatively flat walk is amazing, because it was anything but.   We started off with an attempt at taking the direct route over the farmland, but the Tea Tree Rivulet was full of water and rather than risk wet feet we opted for the extra 600 metres by circling round on the vehicle track.  Once into the bush we discovered the route went steeply uphill  by  250 metres.  It was a fairly gentle down from there until we reached the point for descending to Griffiths Rivulet, where we found it quite steep with plenty of loose soil.  Decent size pools could be seen in the rivulet and mistakenly we assumed these would be above the falls, however after a bit of downstream scrambling we soon realised that Hidden Falls was back upstream. 

Although it had been delightfully sunny thus far, it was different in the shade at the falls and we were pleased to get back into it for the return journey.  On reaching a junction  a wrong turn was taken and even…

Grasstree Hill

Saturday 26 June  2010The route to Grasstree Hill commenced from agate soon after the bay at Catchpole Gully and followed a track over three hills before the final off track rocky ascent to Grasstree. Whilst having morning tea on one of the hills a chap turned up to set up an orienteering course to be held the next day. 
After the ascent of Grasstree we followed a  vehicle track for a short distance before heading over the hill top and then picked up another track circling round the top of Bourbon Creek gully where we found a warm sunny  spot for lunch.  From there it was a matter of walking down the broad flanks to  join with the track at Quoin Gully.  Along here the first grasstrees were spotted.
On the final leg, on the track on the hill above the dam  we met at about 3:20 a  couple  who had been informed that they could walk on a track from there up under Grasstree Hill and back to Risdon Brook; we did enlighten them and wished them luck.  I think the reality of the task would…

Mother Browns Bonnet

24 June 2010 Photo on summit plateau
The weather was fine and sunny with very little wind.  We wandered along the old vehicle track and did note that there were no signs of the joining tracks marked on maps; they appear to have overgrown. Following morning tea at the turnoff point for the ascent of Mother Browns Bonnet we took the right hand leading old but faint vehicle track and ascended over mostly open country to the large summit area for lunch.
On return the tapes of the marked route were followed for a while, but it was not as clear going this way.  On reaching the turning point where the vehicle track back should be, we must have walked right over it and had to do a little searching to locate it. 
On return we collected our car from Sorell where we left it to have a puncture repaired and ended the day with coffee at a local bakery.
Track notes are are available

Three Thumbs

Saturday 12 June 2010This bushwalk included an extension to the western most of the Three Thumbs and a return by the alternative forest loop track..
The weather was sunny to start but from time to time cloud blocked off the sun and the cold wind became more noticeable.   A coffee stop was made at Orford on the way home.View of the main Three thumbs summit from the western peak

Old Coach Road

Thursday 3rd June 2010With a fine forecast we headed up the foggy east coast to Orford, which fortunately was free of it. Morning tea in a clearing was made pleasant by the warmth of the sun and the multitude of birds present.  A pad was followed to the top of the hill before descending to meet the old coach road on the dry northern slope.  From here we went down to end up on the colder slopes above the river and decided to turn back when some scrub was met.  The old track was followed for further on the way back before veering off the meet the inward pad.   Late lunch with a coffee was enjoyed at one of the cafes in Orford.More Photos here

Lower South Wellington

A bushwalk from the Ice House to Wellington Falls Tracks, via Devils Gulch
Monday 24th May 2010
From the Springs we could see just a fleck of snow and the wet and shady spots on the track were a little icy, however neither caused us any problem. It was a fine but cool morning and we stopped for an early morning tea just before reaching the top of the Ice House Track to avoid the colder breeze expected on top. The pad past Devils gulch was easy to follow and all was fairly straightforward with the only spot needing a bit of extra care being a couple of descents over boulders part way down to the slope.  The bushes on this south sloping face were still wet so with nota lot of sun getting to us below the tress we opted to lunch on the scree just above the Wellington Falls Track. A quick check on the homeward leg revealed Disappearing Tarn empty.

To view a map of the walk plus photos click here

Devils Throne

Monday 17 May 2010This was just a delightful day on the summit area of Wellington Park.  It was cold and foggy in the valleys below and a touch of frost present in the shadows along the way, but being so still the made us feel quite warm ans we walked along beside Thark Ridge to cross the high saddle and descent to Devils throne.   The track was very wet and we had to dodge the frequent pools of water but the views were splendid and it was ever so peaceful in the bush.  The return was via Roaring Creek and Thark Ridge.Cathedral Rock

Mt Marian

Monday 10 May 2010A few days prior to this walk the weather forecast was for rain and winds, but fortunately it was amended to a fine day.  It was although quite windy and cold on top.  Two others from Bushwalk Tasmania joined the walk as we headed up the Myrtle Forest track to arrive at the fire trails in sunny conditions.  On arrival at the summit of Mt Marian we found it a bit windy and cool so walked aver the summit plateau to a sheltered sit for an early lunch. The BWT duo then started off on the 2k cross country journey to Mt Charles, whilst we headed back to the fire trail through the bush.  This proved to be much slower  than using the formed pad and it took us over an hour as against 40 minutes for the ascent.  On arrival at the fire  trail two pairs of footprints were noticed and we realised that the other two must have made impressive progress getting over to Mt Charles and back. It was subsequently learnt that they reached a high point on the far end of Marian plateau and …

Tarn Shelf

Saturday 1 May 2010
Once on the Tarn Shelf we followed the track down to near James Tarn and from there wandered over parts of the shelf and rejoined the track just beyond the gully at Backhouse Tarn.  From there it was over a hill and down to a tarn then north to meet the track again at Twisted Tarn.  We decided to return via Twilight Tarn and Lake Webster to make a circuit walk.
Some of the Fagus had fallen off the bushes but there was still plenty left and the colour was very good in the beautiful weather.  The section off track was a great delight as we meandered past the many Pencil Pines and pools.

Tarn Shelf May 2010

East Cradle

13-16 April 2010
It was a little windy and cloudy so we elected to walk in via Lake Hanson.  During the night the wind got up quite strongly and buffeted the tent considerably, so it was fortunate that we picked the sheltered side of the pines and bushes to camp.
It was cloudy next morning but we were far enough away from Cradle and low enough to get the breaking cloud and eventually sunshine.  Cradle remained under cloud for much of the day however.  We ventured out as to the far eastern peak on the plateau and in the afternoon ascended a peak closer to Cradle.  All quite pleasant meandering about in very enjoyable weather. 
On the final morning it was misty and the cloud ceiling did not lift during the walk back to Dove Lake.

East Cradle

Mt Aldebaran – Western Arthur Range

5-8 February 2010Friday lunch time start with a camp at Two Mile Creek. Then followed a hard day, initially along the track before turning off to cross the Arthur Plains to the base of Kappa Moraine.  It was quite  a stiff climb up the steep side to the track then a  steady ascent to the Vesta junction where we set up tents, scoured the area for water and then set out to climb Carina Peak via Promontory lake.
It took almost 1:30  from Mckays track to the base and the same again to reach the junction. It was quite a pleasant walk to Carina Peak with only a very short part of it having a scramble up a scrubby slope.  The views on the whole walk were quite superb and Promontory Lake glistened calmly in the still conditions. The next day was the remainder of the climb up Kappa, an ascent of Mt Scorpio then over the simply lovely alpine plateau leading to Lake Sirona. A clamber up to a high ridge  followed. then the skirting of the rocky tors on the steep eastern side  before emerging a…

Long Tarns

25-28 February 2010
Conditions were quite pleasant for walking as we ventured past Rina Dina Falls and up the valley to Long Tarns to camp.  I noticed that someone in fairly recent times had lit a fire at one of the camping spots. On the second day the route taken was south easterly past the remainder of Long Tarns to Lake Butters where a change of direction was made to the south west then north west to camp by a small tarn at the edge of the wide valley leading to Zion Gate.  We could clearly see the end of lake Fanny from the campsite.
Although cloud had rolled in from the south by morning it did not take long to clear and we were again in bright and pleasantly warm sunshine cooled by a light breeze.  The route was via the delightful old pine forest at Lake Tyre before dropping into Zion Vale, visiting Lake Sidon with it's many islands and then on to Tiger Lake for lunch.  Up to until the latter turn off the track seemed to be much less used than once and a few small sections w…

Davis Lookout

Sunday 24 January 2010
The weather was very good for walking as it was sunny but never got too hot.
As the summit could not be seen from our approach route, we ascended the first rocky top only to glimpse another peak ahead.  On reaching that one  it became obvious that the real top was still ahead.  However lunch called and  this being close enough we decided to call a halt.  So the Lookout was not actually reached . Although we had been there before.
Walking over the Windy Moor sections on return became quite tiring due to uneven and soft nature of the ground cover.  There was also no water, although we were carrying some, and with time running out we did not have much in the way of stops.
The contrast to the situation on the summit of Mt Wellington 3 days earlier was remarkable.  At Mt Field the steams and pools were dry, whereas on Mt Wellington they were all quite full and the little feeder streams were flowing and everywhere.
Track Notes Click image below for photo album

South Wellington Plateau from Big bend

Thursday 21 January 2010The weather was  a delight..  We left Big Bend and skirted the plain, crossed to Dead Island and then scrambled up to South Wellington plateau.  Several vantage points were visited before crossing the middle of the plateau, past numerous pools and then walked over the summit plateau and descended back to the cars. It was most noticeable that the top of the mountain had heaps of water, with pools all full and streams running; this in mid summer.For a map of route

Glen Dhu Rivulet

Thursday 14 January 2010
For the second time in about two weeks we found ourselves ascending the Myrtle Forest track, but this time it was to go to Glen Dhu Rivulet.
The initial part of the walk follows the creek up where the Myrtles are quite prolific.  Once on the old Glen Dhu track the bushland was quite delightful, initially with Myrtles, correas and numerous waratah bushes, then on the somewhat drier slope the cheeseberries  and lower down the Ozathamnus was out in flower and quite striking.   However the delightful masses of  trigger plants were the highlight, which are at a peak in January.
The old fire trail is steadily getting more plants established on it and parts are now reasonably covered to the extent that you have to weave about between the bushes to walk along it.  Some trees also down but are no hindrance to walking.
The turn off to Glen Dhu is becoming less clear and after a 200 metres the narrow pad is at time indistinct.   In the lower section some yellow tap…

Haywoods Mt Wellington

Sunday 10 January 2010We left the Chalet on Mt Wellington and walked along the Organ pipes track to the point where it is usual to cross the boulders somewhere in the vicinity of the old New Town Red Paint track.   Misty cloud was gradually lifting from the summit area and this made walking conditions very pleasant.  After a stop at a delightful small wooded spot we then did the final ascent to the pinnacle before going down the Zig Zag and finally back along the Organ Pipes track.Misty conditions during morningBrachycome near summitOlearia Boulder scree near old Haywoods and New Town Red Paint  tracksMore information