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Collins Bonnet and Hut

Tuesday 26 May 2020 It was frosty and valley fog was present for the drive to Myrtle Forest. It was clear there at the start and once over the final crossing of Myrtle Forest Creek we were in warm sun and with no wind we were feeling the sweat by the time we stopped for morning tea at the old hut site on the track. Trestle and Marian After visiting the Collins Bonnet summit we left the tracks and walked through the heathland to the north to the remnants of an old hut and lunch in the delightfully warmth.   Fog could be seen still sitting all up the Derwent Valley. Hut ruin with window still in wall Hut ruin Collins Cap photo Neville Ludbey. More photos are at this link.

Cathedral Rock

Tuesday 19 May 2020 A cloudy day but warm and with restrictions to reserves lifted, as long it was within 30k,  there was a lot of cars at the start by 9AM.  Always quite a climb to get to Cathedral Rock, but we were there after 2 hours and walked along the ridge towards Montagu Thumbs, to have an early lunch.   A strong wind but within the bushes it was delightfully sheltered. Montagu Thumbs & Montagu Large fungi   North West Bay River