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Western Arthur Range

Monday 16 - Sunday 22 February 09 It is 20 years since I did the full traverse of the Western Arthur Range, although I have made trips to parts of it and across to the Norolds since. It came as no surprise that it would now take longer for the journey now than then, nevertheless it still made me wonder how we could have done some of the sections in the times recorded back then. Just goes to show how you slow down as time passes or maybe we now spend more time looking and enjoying this wonderful and rugged wilderness. And rugged is a very apt description of the Western Arthur Range walk. I suspect that in some ways it has become a little harder too, because although the alpine moors are now hardened with superb rockwork, many sections have suffered significant erosion in the intervening years and have rock faces are left where the earth covering has been lost. In fact I would now recommend taking a short rope to allow for lowering of packs over some of these spots.