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New Town and Johnstons

 Tuesday 23 August 2022 The walk stopped at what I call New Town Cliffs as it is near the waterfall for morning break.   There was a light shower, and the cliff overhangs were welcome shelter.   It was fine from then on and we continued up the creek, but it had a lot of water flowing, making it too tricky to walk on the edge of creek bed. Nevertheless, there were several reasonable views obtained. Eventually Hunters Track was reached and soon after we lunched at Crocodile Rock.   From there we went to Johnstons hut site with its well-preserved chimney and then headed back to the cars at Lenah Valley.   water going over the top of a waterfall Waterfall   Some information Johnstons Hut Built c.1928 by council worker Cecil Johnston as a 'weekender' (Grist & Grist). Photo in the JF Colln is has hut dated 1927. From the Davies Colln/JF Colln photo the hut was a simple small rectangular hut with a gable roof; walls of lapped vertical board and a roof of similar construc

Old Hobartian Organ Pipes Circuit

Tuesday 9 August 2022 Departure was from Lenah Valley, ascending to the Chalet using the Old Hobartian Track. After this steady uphill past nice sandstone overhangs it was easier going from the Chalet past the Organ Pipes then Pinnacle Track to The Springs.  Lunch was here with a coffee from Lost Freight then the final leg on the Lenah Valley Track.   In all it was 6:30 and 16k, with actual walking time about 5:15, and a calm sunny day. A photo album is online. Large Eucalypt on Old Hobartian Track Cascades on upper New Town Rivulet