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Mount Direction and Madmans Hill

Thursday 21 November 2013 Originally we were going to walk elsewhere but the weather forecast persuaded us that a circuit of Mount Direction, Madmans Hill and Gunners Quoin would allow is to cut the day short when and if the predicted rain arrived.  After the climb to Direction, where mist was rolling in, it was down to an open plateau that was followed north to Madmans Hill.  At this point it looked like conditions would deteriorate, from the occasional drizzle we were experiencing, and the walk was changed to return via Saggy Flats. Kids cubby on slopes of Mount Direction Old gum that now looks to be dead on eastern peak of Direction Teucrium corymbosum on summit of Madmans Hill We were back at the cars at 2:40 pm and were just driving off when the rain arrived. Mount Direction had been subjected to a burn off several months ago, but it looked to us that the fire was too  intense, with lots of old trees having been so badly effected that they had fallen over.  Som

Mount Remus and Back Peak

Wed 30 October – Fri 1 November The delightfully blue sky that we had seen all morning changed to grey drizzly looking as the Cradle area got close and stayed that way for the remainder of the day.  Pre-trip information suggested that after a section of buttongrass it should be pleasant walking, with just a bit of scrub on the last part getting to the top of Mount Remus.  However we discovered that the buttongrass went on for longer than we envisaged and the scrub covered a longer section and was thicker than expected.  Both Neville and I had been to Reynolds Falls Many years ago and recalled following a very distinct vehicle track over the initial part of the walk until entering the forest. On arriving at the sign at the walk start indicating that this was the way to the falls we were stumped by the seeing only open buttongrass moor with the old vehicle track not anywhere to be seen.   Prior to this when we reached the sign pointing to Reynolds Falls and also the Penguin to Cradle tr