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Breakneck and Middle Island Circuit

Monday 25 July 2022   Just before reaching the Breakneck Track, Neville spotted the ruins of Cluster Grove hut.  I didn’t know the name at the time but have since got information from Maria Grist.    Up off the side of Breakneck came a visit to Madison and off the other side of the ridge to Musk Hut with its intact chimney.      Next came Lakins Lair and lunch at Crocodile Rock, before heading down Middle Island track and exiting it via Falls and other hut sites. The history and photos of huts can be found at Maria and John Grist’s website . More details on individual huts is under the Documents heading. Thanks Neville for organising this walk.   It was about 9.6k and took a bit over 5 hours   Cluster Grove         Water basin for Madison hut       Musk Hut chimney Old eucalypt trunk at Wiggins Salte Quarry Ferns near Junction Cabin Large Eucalypt Middle Island track Falls Hut site For the full photo album click here . The huts as they were.  For more information visit Maria and Joh

Jubilee Ridge

 Tuesday 19 July 2022 From the Cascade Track we turned onto the Lower Luge track then used the Crosscut multiuse track to Middle Fire Trail. Crosscut has a lot of zig zags which adds a tedious aspect, but several short cuts were availed to lessen that. As we headed towards the Jubilee Ridge track a distinct track was spotted but ended soon with a keep out sign, seemingly because of the obvious damage that had been caused by bikes. On checking the map we realised it was not the ridge we wanted and proceeded to walk in the direction it should be, crossing a creek and eventually locating the pad, some parts being faint but further up it became more pronounced. By the North South Track snow became prominent and made crossing the 200 metres of boulders to the Lenah Valley Track tiring and tricky. Going up had been quite warm, but once on the level walking to Junction Cabin it felt markedly colder and lunch at the cabin need a couple of extra layers of clothing. Even with this the moistu

Fairy and Featherstone July 2022

 Fairy Falls and Featherstone Cascades Thursday 14 July 2022 The track to Fairy Falls is quite reasonable going.   From about 175m up the Lower Sawmill Track it goes uphill for about the half the way before contouring to the waterfall.    Quite a nice little fall.    Featherstone Cascades is on a track that starts from the Betts Vale Track soon after O’Gradys Falls.   It is mostly distinct although a couple of times you have to go up around fallen trees.  The only obstacle is a large tree over the track, but is not hard to get over as it has a good foothold.    The main fall is easy enough to reach and there are further ones a short distance beyond, but are not hard to reach. Fairy Falls Featherstone Cascades More photos here   From Placesnames Tas Featherstone Cascades: A secluded waterfall upstream of O'Grady's Falls, Featherstone Cascades was a long-forgotten waterfall, having been a popular attraction around the 1930's, that has recently been rediscovered and is quickly

Stapleton Beach July 2022

Stapleton Beach to Orford Wednesday 13 July 2022 Mostly we have walked to Orford on the coastal track from Spring Beach, but this time the walk started further south at Stapleton Beach. This added a bit to make it 7.5k one way, so a car was left at Orford to avoid the return walk. This had the advantage of being able to drive back to Hobart before dark.  Stapleton Beach was a pleasant spot and from there we ascended by a mostly obvious track to the cliff top and along there before descending to Spring Beach, and morning break in the shelter shed there. The well-made coastal track was followed from Spring Beach and included a side visit to explore the old sandstone quarry. We then moved on to Shelly Beach and on to the end of the track.    Lunch was at a local cafĂ©, before heading home.   The walk took 2:45 including visiting the quarry. Stapleton Beach Stapleton cliffs and Point Spring Beach Quarry with signs where stone was cut out Top of quarry See the photo album