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Monash Valley 2016

Fabulous Scoparia in flower this year Thursday 29 December 2016 Apart from the timber track for the 350 metres the walk was off track over country where animal pads are the only sign of wear.  The day was quite misty making navigation harder, but having a GPS made a big difference it allowed certainty as to the direction we needed to go. Richea scoparia in a variety of colours The Richea scoparia at our destination was superb and has not looked any better.  The approach over Wombat Moor was colourful, particularly the Epacris  serpyllifolia  and Boronia citriodora.  The walk was 6.2k with actual walking time 2:30 for the day. Boronia citriodora Epacris  serpyllifolia   Photo album Monash Valley 2016 Route taken