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Devils Gulch

Tuesday 24 April 2018 Having a need to get home by 4 PM, the walk chosen was on kunanyi/Mount Wellington. The destination was Devils Gulch via the Ice House Track and circling part of the lower South Wellington shelf. Rock tor near Ice House Dave T intended to come, along with Neville and Dave H, but circumstances forced him to pull out. A morning drink was to be at the top Ice House, which always looks like it would be just after another bend in the track, but never is; of course, eventually you do arrive. The pad towards Devils Gulch gives the appearance of not getting as much use nowadays, and a couple of false leads were encountered. We gingerly clambered down the large boulders to the bottom of Devils Gulch which provides quite a splendid view along the fissure. The shelf beyond is level, nice bush and easy walking and it was here that lunch was called. Devils Gulch Woodland South Wellington After resuming the track to Potato Fields was met and followe

Letterbox Gully

Tuesday 17 April 2018 After reading a report of a group going to Letterbox Gully at Heathy Hills, I looked at the map and noticed that there was such a gully, but it was definitely not where the walkers described.   In fact, it is at Harry Walker Tier to the east.   Satellite images indicated some prominent rock features, most likely sandstone and it seemed worth a visit.   We have been to Harry Walker Tier on previous occasions with Dave and he organised the access for this walk. Once past the farmland and up on Harry Walker Tier, Eucalypts totally dominate.  Walking is easy and pleasant, although the vista it mostly fairly uniform and level.  Lots of litter from the trees is everywhere and the signs of past logging visible but so old and sparse that it is not much of a detraction. Eucalypts approaching Letterbox Gully Eventually the country changed, and Letterbox Gully was before us. Descending wasn't a problem and we came below a cliff to find a sizeable cave. As did