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Richea Ridge

  Tuesday 30 January 2024 At the suggestion of Ted, we walked along Milles Track continued to the Potato Fields then ascended by the recently re-cut Richea Ridge. track.  It was a warm and mostly calm day and took  some effort getting to the top before getting the downhill bit on the Ice House Track. It took us 7 hours for the 10.7k walk. Cyathodes glauca cheeseberry Potato Fields   Cathedral Rock Rock features at the top Rock features at the top Cathedral Rock Devils Gulch End of Devils Gulch overlooking country traversed on Richea Ridge A photo album can be viewed by clicking here or from the image below.     Milles Richea Ridge 2024   Walk Profile  

Slippery Falls

 Tuesday 9 January 2024 The walk followed the regular Pelverata Falls track then from near the end of the track we ascended a scree slope.   This climb took 23 minutes for a height gain of 120 metre over a 375m distance.    After the climb it was just a short distance to the top of the Pelverata Falls, crossing where two creeks meet. Over the creeks there was a worn track to a large cleared and degraded area used by 4wd vehicles but we were soon beyond this mess on the bush track to Slippery Falls. This track kept fairly close to the edge of the escarpment with a final short descent to Slippery Creek and falls for lunch. It took about 5:30 for the 8.4k walk Top of Pelverata Falls Slippery Falls Photo album can be viewed at this link or click image below .     Slippery Falls Walk profile

Trestle Falls

 Tuesday 2 January 2024   Trestle Falls This was only partly a bushwalk as the main reason for going was to check on Broom, an invasive weed.  Two years have passed since the Friends of Wellington Park last checked the area by the Mountain River Trail (between Mountain River and Trestle Mountain).    On inspection of the site a significant volume of small Broom was discovered, plus a few larger bushes that had escaped notice last time.  After getting out all that were found, we returned and, on the way, detoured to Trestle Falls.   Some tape was spotted and helped in getting there.  Trestle Falls were good most scenic and well  worth the visit.  We scrambled down the final steep bank to arrive between two falls, the larger upstream with attractive cascades before the final drop.       From the Mountain River Track, it took about 30 minutes each way to the falls and back.     - A photo album can be viewed by clicking here or from the image below .   Trestle Falls