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The Hump Freycinet Peninsula

21-23 August 2011 After such a lot of wet easterlies, Freycinet had at last several days of fine weather, which made delaying the walk for a couple of weeks well worthwhile. With so much rain in the area over winter we didn't even bother to see if the preferred route beside the lagoons between Hazards and Wineglass was doable. Instead the conventional slog along the beach was used, then came the pleasure of the bush track from the end of Hazards Beach through masses of flowering plants, especially the Thryptomene which was very thick and spectacular. Given the time it takes to get to the campsite on the spine we had to keep moving and still ended up cooking in the dim of evening. This was the first time trying out our new light weight tent and, as reported by others, one has to erect it with the crossover of the poles given attention; not as simple as some tents. It is a Macpac Macrolight, a bit like a bigger version of the Microlight, and proved to be suitable for a walk to this

Bluff River Gorge

17 August 2011 All did not go according to plan. More often than not the weather improves as you move away from Hobart towards the East coast, but this time it was very much the reverse. We left sunny town and drove into increasingly duller conditions culminating in heavy rain at Buckland. But things got better soon after we turned off on the way to Bluff River Gorge. We arrived to see three walkers heading there too. Soon we too were walking along the 4wd track following their boot marks and along with my trusty GPS meant we were assured of an easy path to the start of the walk. Whilst all in our party queried why I didn't turn off where they thought we should go, I responded by saying the GPS says this way and any way that is where the three fellows boots were headed too. Some 800 metres on I started to have doubts and took a close look at the map on the GPS and the paper map. Heck, we had gone too far. Yes the track was where every one said it was and lesson number one is to r