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Mount Patrick

Tuesday 13 March 2012 Although a longer drive, it was decided to walk from Jeffreys Track rather than starting at Myrtle Forest.   The upside was  a shorter walk along the fire trails and of course the route through the bush to the Mount Patrick summit was  the same whichever way was chosen. Mind you the Jeffreys Track is most uninspiring and you are on it for some  3.6 k and  60 minutes twice.  Since last visit there the potholes that attract 4WD enthusiasts have got wider and deeper.  We could not really understand why anyone would want to subject themselves and  vehicle to such torture, but I guess they would say the same about bushwalkers. The walk along the East West Trail is not unpleasant at all and it took us some  45 minutes to get to the start of the bush section. We did notice that a couple of plastic lined dams  had been put in in recent times, and they are a strange sight, but presumably  hold water better that way.   More of a disturbance was a large clearing that is

South Wellington Plateau

Saturday 17 March 2012 Three geocaches were on the agenda for this bushwalk. From Big Bend we walked in a fairly direct line to join with the South Wellington Track, and located the first cache. Next it was on to Smiths Monument and cache two. Then came the scrub, some of which could have been avoided if I had picked a better line. Eventually the more open and pleasant shelf country was reached before an ascent to the South Wellington plateau followed by a descent to Dead Island. Plenty of water lay about in the low lying land prior to it and there was a good flow of nice thirst quenching water in the headwater stream of the North West Bay River. Dead Island held cache three for the day which left us the with uneven and damp slog back to the cars. The Route taken To view all the photos South Wellington March 2012 The walk profile

Mount Bobs and The Boomerang

7–9 March 2012 So far this year I have not had one day on a walk where the sky was bright blue and cloud free all day, and the walk to Mount Bobs was no exception. However it was fine for the bulk of the three days, apart from a short shower during the second night. The walk to Lake Sydney was fairly uneventful, although the Farmhouse Creek Track was pretty gruesome for the 5 minutes or so prior to the Bobs junction. The next bit was as usual a bit muddy and quite overgrown with a mixture of vine, Bauera and cutting grass, but there were not many new trees down over the track beyond there than was the case when I was last there some 13 years ago. The valley floor from near Pine Lake onwards was very wet though and Lake Sydney had overflowed into the sink hole area leaving just the two slightly higher camping sites above water level. It was just as well the forecast for the three days was fine as a decent downfall could have seen us having to find a camp in the forest. A mixture o