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Lakes Fenton to Dobson Circuit

Saturday 30 April 2016 The track between Lakes Fenton and Webster is a favourite and this walk involved leaving some cars at Lake Dobson so that we could return on the track coming up there and thus making it a circuit walk. Fagus at Lake Fenton Although in the high country it is a fairly protected from the elements and takes you along the side of Lake Fenton, where we were fortunate to have Fagus still with leaves in bright colour. Beyond there was Kangaroo Moor then at the end of the moor it was gently downhill for the biggest challenge of the day in the crossing of the Broad River. The water level wasn’t too bad even though there had been a couple of days of modest rainfall and although there was a bit of nervousness among the group, all got over without any mishaps. A couple of the reasons behind putting this walk on is to encourage people to visit and appreciate our national parks and also to make known the Tas National Parks Assoc.  Catherine from TNPA was on han