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Mount Olympus

10-12 November 2012 Mid October was the original time planned for a walk to Mount Olympus, but the weather wasn’t nice enough so it was put off until November. Mike was keen on the walk and when the weather forecast indicated a couple of really nice days we headed off. To make the walk easier we caught the boat to Echo Point then went north along the track for about 25 or so minutes and headed uphill just after three close together creek crossings. However after 20 minutes we arrived at a cliff that was not expected which meant I should have walked along the overland track further before turning off; so once again I didn’t select the ideal route. We had to traverse under the cliffs for 350 metres before an easy risk free way up was reached. From this point on it was relatively straight forward, although quite steep, but a short section of a scrubby bit of country was met before coming out to the bowl holding Lake Oenone. Grand views were now everywhere you looked and made the effort

Lost World

3 November 2012 The Lost world is at Mount Arthur in Wellington Park and we planned to find the somewhat difficult to get to geocache up there and then enter the cave system which is one of the features of the pla ce. After that there were a few other caches that could be collected on the way home. All did not go to plan with the first problem being that Peter’s GPS did not have any of the caches showing up on the screen. The GPX files had been checked beforehand but none could be seen. Fortunately  Adrian's GPS could send them to Peter’s so that overcame the lack of data. On checking the GPX files on the device after getting back at home it was found the missing ones were in fact there, but for some strange reason did not display on the GPS as present. The second problem was that the entrance to the caves could not be found. Plenty of openings were visible but all seemed to have too big a drop to safely enter and be able to extract oneself. Quite a bit of time was spent looki