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Mount Styx

Thursday 20 March 2014 From the top of the head it sounded plausible; go on a bushwalk to Mount Styx and because it is not a long walk collect some geocaches on the way, plus stop for a coffee at Mount Field. On the return stop for coffee and get some caches by taking the alternative road back to New Norfolk. But I had forgotten how much longer it takes to get from Mount Field through to the Styx Valley and didn’t factor in the stopping times for each cache. The result was the completion of in first half of the plan only by 5:00 PM and obviously the second half was completely out of the question. That will have to wait until another day. It was early afternoon before we set off on the walk. Beforehand some web information provided a couple of road approaches and the Andromeda one was chosen, but it had a locked gate at the start. Back at Jacques Rd we passed an unlocked gate and then the large tree that had been reported over the road a couple of months ago, but had now been clea

South Wellington Milles Circuit

via Ice House Track and Potato Fields Tuesday 11 March 2014 On top of Mount Wellington a temperature of 21 degrees was expected with Hobart going to 29.   It was quite warm for the walk, but nothing untoward but down at sea level it did reach 32. The Ice House track brought us to the South Wellington saddle at which point the pad to Devils Gulch was used.  The track is now on the Wellington park map and now doubt gets more patronage nowadays, but it was markedly more worn and obvious since the last visit here in mid 2010.   In fact it was quite surprising how clear the pad was. Cliffs of Devils Gulch Devils Gulch At the western end of the Gulch area we diverted by about 100 metres to get a better view into it from a prominence.  Morning tea was contemplated at this point but the breeze was cool and noticeable enough for us to continue on to a more sheltered spot. As we continued on along the shelf it was noticeable how the vegetation changed with the conditions and the