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Greystone Bluff via Cinder Hill

16-23 November 1996 Problems with the minibus meant we had to make last minute arrangements for Sue and Sandra  to drive us to Scotts Peak.  Pat’s son Neville took us over by boat to the foot of Mt.Giblin. Showers were falling around the mountains so it wasn’t a very auspicious start.  I was the last to start walking and just followed up where Alan had disappeared in a band of scrub.  I thought voices were coming from somewhere well to my right and when we emerged into the open the first boat load was still below us on a different ridge; they had managed to strike thick scrub and a gully. Conditions improved and once on the crest of the mountain we only had one or two brief snow storms blowing into us.  The two peaks of Giblin were visited.  One short but scrubby climb through a dip caused Dave T  some anguish as a twig poked him in the eye.  He had some discomfort from its effect for the next few days and Robyn washed his eye with salty water each day until it was sufficient