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Quoin Mountain

Wednesday 11 September 2013 The track through the Long Tom property (private) was followed to a junction with a logging road which was followed until it began to dip downhill.  It was uphill through the bush with some snow now beginning to fall, until an old vehicle track was met.  This was followed south for about 200 metres before we climbed again to a rocky tor and then across fairly level terrain that had been once logged.  At a high point  we decided to turn back, stopping at a sheltered spot for lunch on the way.  Once the snow recommenced it was quickly up and off and down through snow covered understory to meet the inward road. On looking at our route on the satellite image it was noticeable that the old vehicle track, that we had been on for a short distance going up,  continued on to pass very near where we had turned back.  It continued for another 350 metres but there was still a further 500 metres to the actual Quoin summit and cliffs area.   Also on the satellite ima