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Handsome Upper Cliffs

 Tuesday 27 June 2023 On a recent visit to Handsome Cave I realised I had forgotten how nice the sandstone features of the cave were and the honeycomb rock (tafone) was quite something.   I also discovered there were more cliffs further up, and the main objective this day was to walk to them.  On reaching the open area with buildings, two dogs came running at us, barking loudly and a bit worrisome, however they soon quietened down and one of them came on the walk with us.  He was told to go home, but it was not long before the dog was back and leading the way. After taking in the features at Handsome Cave, we proceeded up the somewhat overgrown old track to a second cliff line and then beyond that to reach a sandy rough vehicle track.  This was followed to the rock climbing area and the large cliffs there.  It is known as Handsome Crag by the climbing fraternity and has 61 routes, see the link here .  The sites notes indicate that it is not used as much since the easiest access road wa

Stapleton Point

 Monday 26 June 2023 Wondered if it was possible to get to Stapleton Point and on searching found a walking club record of going there, so set off the locate the way.    Later on searching it was apparent that quite a number of various club walks go there. We started from Stapleton Beach and found the route close to the end of the eastern end of the beach, past a shack and then along a headland, eventually reaching cleared land leading to the point.   Some tapes were present marking the way.     Stapleton Point Stapleton Beach

Quoin Mountain

  Tuesday 20 June 2023 The last and only previous walk to Quoin Mountain struck snow falling once we got near the plateau on top and the temperature dropped dramatically, and we didn’t hang around. This time it was cold, but with clear sky and pleasant when in the sun. It was estimated that about 2:30 would be needed to get to the end point, but by the time we got to the lunch spot 2:45 had already elapsed. To get there the walk followed on old vehicle track then a logging road before leaving it for the scrub. At top of the ascent a plateau was reached and an old logging access track discovered and followed to reach a vehicle track that was marked on the map. Eventually we left this for a high point and, on seeing how far left to the cliff top and the scrub in entailed traversing, decided to both have lunch and make this the turnround point. However, when back on the old logging track, we decided to follow it and soon realised it headed towards the high point at the cliff edge.

Umbrella Point

Wednesday 14 June 2023 The suggestion for a walk to Umbrella Point on Bruny Island was from Jean and we left vehicles at Kettering and caught the 9:30 ferry. It was one of the old vessels, but at least we managed to get one of new boats back. The walk around the coast went past some fine old trees, on to a bit of very quiet road to reach Umbrella Point. It was an interesting spot and the walk took almost 4½ hours for 10.5k walk, including breaks. Umbrella Point Base of Eucalypt Trees at end of Umbrella Point  

Split Rock Mount Hobbs

Tuesday 30 May 2023 I had kept an eye on the weather forecast but it had been constantly showery on the mountain, which was the location of a walk that Graham had suggested. Further east was projected to be OK on the other hand, and that is what prevailed. One place that fitted was Split Rock at Mount Hobbs near Levendale. I had never been there and had two starting points, but was uncertain about road access. The shorter walk got dropped when a “no through road” sign confirmed doubts about approaching from the Levendale side, leaving the longer walk option as the choice. The walk was up an old logging road and there was plenty of evidence of past logging, but the forest had recovered fairly well. The road got steeper in the upper part of Mount Hobbs until the junction to Split Rock was reached. At this point the understory was not thick and passage along a clear pad, marked with somewhat overfrequent ribbons, was easy. It ended at the split and without much hesitation Graham w