Davis Lookout 2020

 Tuesday 24 November 2020

Richea scoparia  one of the few bushes out in flower most were just at bud stage

It had been 10 years since I went to Davis Lookout and I fancied going there again. The route was over Windy Moor on the boardwalk then on to moorland and woodland, with several nice open sections that are found there. The highest part of the final snowgum woodland is traversed towards Davis Lookout.  However, from this direction the actual summit cannot be seen, and one highpoint gave every appearance of being the top, but Davis Lookout  was a bit further on.  Two went over the top of this false summit and two of us sidled around it.  In hindsight keeping more northerly may have been the best option.  
Return was on a route to the west of the approach way and went through more woodland and  over part of Windy Moor to another belt of forested land,  The intention was to cross but the exit was off a south facing slope and beyond looked to have copious thick scrub, including scoparia.   This encouraged backtracking until a more open path was found and shows clearly on the map below.
The overall distance about 14.6 km with 7 of that being off track.  It took 7 hours with 5:40 actual walking time.

Tarn Windy Moor

On Davis Lookout

Some areas had wide rock surfaces

Several open woodlands were  walked through

Crossing Moor with Mount Field East in background


The lookout is named after George Davis who became lost in this area.

There is a photo album online