Spring Beach to Orford

Monday 4 June 2018

It seemed likely that the east coast would have pleasant weather and that proved to be the case. A relatively short walk from Spring Beach to the bridge at Orford was chosen and it gave us time for a coffee stop at Sorell and lunch at the café at the turn around point.

The early part of the walk is within mostly bushland, even though some dwellings are not far away.  This section includ
Cliffs north of Spring Beach

Quarry wall

Three Thumbs from Orford Beach
es the old sandstone quarry, which now has a nice set of rock steps to get to the bottom of it. As Shelly Beach gets closer so does lots of houses, mostly holiday ones by the look of the blinds covering the windows and lack off people. Nevertheless, it was a pleasant walk in such calm and sunny conditions.

Total walking time, including the quarry visit was 3:20 and a shade over 11k