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Mt Rogoona

Monday 21 January 08 to Thursday 24 January 08 4 We managed to have four days of pleasant weather with the temperature not rising above the low 20s during the day and the nights cool. The Jackson Creek track was used and proved to be a good way into Lake Myrtle. It climbs steadily at first then crosses an area of fire damaged rainforest where ferns and grasses are the main vegetation then a steepish climb on to the escarpment where a nice open valley leads to Lake Myrtle. We didn't spot the track at the end of the valley so just headed through the bush until finding the track again near the shores of Lake Myrtle. The walk through to Meston was pleasant as usual, although fairly dry with little water running. Lake Meston campsite was empty and allowed us to pick the most desirable spot for the tent. There was frost overnight and the morning was still and beautiful with delightful views over the lake. From here we backtracked to the climb Mt Rogoona and greatly en

Mt Marian

Thursday 3 January 08 I had forgotten how steep the start of the climb up the fire trail was, even though it was only about 6 months since last being there. It was quite a warm day but the flat Gumtop ridge had some shade from the trees. We continued through to the junction with the East West Fire Trail and shortly thereafter began the climb to Mt Mar ian via the marked track. The track was in good condition and appears not to be heavily used. On the climb to Marian there was a large black snake draped over bushes across the track and only a ste p or two ahead of me. It had flattened the body and did not seem willing to move. When it eventually did it snarled with a cough like sound. Needless to say we all kept a wide berth as we continued on to the summit. Our return route was by the north western facing slope, which initially had a lot of loose soil before reaching the thicker scrub. It took longer than expected to reach the track again and this was mostly due to our cours

Trestle Mt

Wednesday 2 January 08 One of the aims of the walk was to check out the volume of Broom seedlings at the Bushcare site and quite a number of small seedlings were found. We continued on the summit of Trestle, noting damage to the Mountain River track sign and that the Trestle walking track sign had been completely burnt. One highlight was seeing 3 Wedge Tail eagles flying with two of them going over not far above our heads while we were having lunch on the top of Trestle. Quite a warm day Party Sue & Peter