Mt Marian

Thursday 3 January 08

I had forgotten how steep the start of the climb up the fire trail was, even though it was only about 6 months since last being there. It was quite a warm day but the flat Gumtop ridge had some shade from the trees. We continued through to the junction with the East West Fire Trail and shortly thereafter began the climb to Mt Marian via the marked track. The track was in good condition and appears not to be heavily used.

On the climb to Marian there was a large black snake draped over bushes across the track and only a step or two ahead of me. It had flattened the body and did not seem willing to move. When it eventually did it snarled with a cough like sound. Needless to say we all kept a wide berth as we continued on to the summit.

Our return route was by the north western facing slope, which initially had a lot of loose soil before reaching the thicker scrub. It took longer than expected to reach the track again and this was mostly due to our course being a bit west of the most direct way.

Party Dave & Christine Peter & Sue Click for more photos


  1. Hi Peter, sorry I accidentally rejected your comment on my blog. Yes, it was hot, but was quite a bit cooler in the breeze high up on Mt Wellington. At home in Huonville later without the breeze it was like being in the tropics. I'm perusing your blogs now, looking very interesting.


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