Mt Rogoona

Monday 21 January 08 to Thursday 24 January 08 4

We managed to have four days of pleasant weather with the temperature not rising above the low 20s during the day and the nights cool. The Jackson Creek track was used and proved to be a good way into Lake Myrtle. It climbs steadily at first then crosses an area of fire damaged rainforest where ferns and grasses are the main vegetation then a steepish climb on to the escarpment where a nice open valley leads to Lake Myrtle. We didn't spot the track at the end of the valley so just headed through the bush until finding the track again near the shores of Lake Myrtle.

The walk through to Meston was pleasant as usual, although fairly dry with little water running. Lake Meston campsite was empty and allowed us to pick the most desirable spot for the tent. There was frost overnight and the morning was still and beautiful with delightful views over the lake. From here we backtracked to the climb Mt Rogoona and greatly enjoyed the day, initially strolling through the snowgum country before the climbing over the ridges to the summit. On the top of the first high ridge we noticed rocks piled around as if to make a shelter and wondered about the history of it. The views from the top were really good and the breeze was cool and gentle, making for ideal conditions.

On the day three we spent the morning in a short walk to Lake Charles and returned to camp, packed and went to Lake Myrtle for the evening in order to reduce the walking time for the final day. By the time we got the Myrtle conditions had warmed somewhat and the March Flies were unpleasant. Up until then they hadn't been a bother and for the whole trip Mosquitoes were not a problem. The walk out on the last morning was enjoyable in the coolness of the morning.
View of Mt Rogoona from Jackson Track

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