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Craigow Hill

Tuesday  9 June 2020 With this walk to Craigow Hill   was over Simmons Hill which is level for a while then descends somewhat sharply. The north facing slope is dominated by Eucalyptus risdonii (Risdon peppermint), a rare species confined mostly to this area and other parts of Meehan Range and East Risdon; a most intriguing tree reminiscent of mallees. The day was sunny with a cool breeze, with the latter greatly diminished in the valley.  An old vehicle track was followed to Craigow Hill and we decided to return over Eagle Hill making it a circuit walk.  On the upper part of Craigow Hill we noticed a number of what were assumed to be bird nest boxes high in the trees, some with ropes looped over the upper branches. The walk was 14k and with breaks took 5:45 (4:45 excluding breaks) and with a 680 height gain and descent. Euc risdonii on north facing slope of Simmons Hill Near Cross Rivulet and view to start of Craigow Hill Craigow Hill Summit area Craigow Hill There are more photos her