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Pelverata Falls

Sunday 11 November 2018

It had been 4 years since we came here and there has been a few changes on the properties at the start of the  walk,  one of them  now a private wildlife reserve.

It is a straightforward track still but by the time you get close to the falls the track becomes quite rocky and you have to take a bit of care getting there.

Everything was pretty dry. although the paddocks and that on the way to the start were very green, and there wasn't a lot of water coming over the Falls.

It took almost 1 and a quarter hours one way for the 3.1 k

Retreat on Kunanyi

Friday 19 October 2018

Originally the plan was to walk from Lenah Valley up to the Retreat Hut then to Organ Pipes track and down the new Pinnacle track. To The Springs

I had coordinates for the start of the Retreat track from when I went last, which was some time ago but it seems to have changed. We  followed the GPS compass over the rocks and quite soon came upon the well worn pad at the edge of the bushline, and it was then just a matter of continuing up from there.

By the time the Retreat was reached it was clear that there was insufficient time to return via The Springs, if the planned finish by mid afternoon was to be met. Instead the Organ Pipes track was taken to The Chalet and the Old Hobartian used. We noticed the erosion near the Lost World and on other parts of New Town Rivulet.
One of the highlights of this most enjoyable walk was the wildflowers especially near the start and near New Town Falls.
There was a waratah planted by Jack Thwaites behind the Retreat  hut and Bob W…

Andersons Catastrophe


Curio Bay

Thursday 12 July 2018

After reading Dennis Jeffery’s account of a walk to Tumbledown Point, I decided to use his return route as the basis for getting to Curio Bay. Once past the farm there was a gate on our right, but the wide track we were on continued ahead. It seemed more likely that this should be followed, but after a short distance the waypoint aimed for wasn’t any closer and pointed of to the southwest.

Nevertheless, as the track meandered it got closer for a period and maybe the track would bend towards it in due course, but it still seemed a long way distant.Eventually it became apparent that we were going in wrong direction, and this became very apparent when the park boundary sign loomed up. It was quite some backtrack to do, a bit over 2k and over an hour lost, before we were back on track at that gate. I should have taken more care when first getting there and followed the GPS. A pad was discovered that bypassed the gate and as soon as this ended there was a big blue si…

Huntingdon Tier

Tuesday 19 June 2018 Huntingdon Tier is a sandstone hill area just east of Harry Walker Tier but is predominantly private land. Some cliffs and rock formations are visible from a distance and the walk went to some of these. Locations were picked out after looking at a map and satellite images and one of the first of these was a narrow gully penetrating well into the tier. This spot turned out to be the highlight of the walk.

As we approached what seemed to be a cliff was visible through the trees and on getting closer the scene became impressive, with large overhangs and caves on the other side of the gully. Descent to the floor of the gully passed cliffs as we crossed through deep green mossy rocks under Pomaderris to the cliffs.This side the sun was warm and lighting all the features. It was a short scramble to get to the floor of the largest cavity and from there we went further up the gully passed other caves and ascended to the clifftops.

The route from there went via the western s…

Tanina Bluff

Tuesday 12 June 2018
Dave had been to Tanina Bluff before and knew the spot to head off.Initially logging tracks were followed then it was up through the bush. The early parts were not particularly attractive bush and a little scrubby. The upper part of Tanina Bluff was rocky still with a bit of scrub though.

Quite recent tapes were present for the trip plus rock cairns. We managed to find a sheltered spot for morning break and an even better one under an overhang for lunch, which was on our way down.
The walk was 5.7 k return and with an elapsed time of 4:36 or 3:15 walking time.

Echo Sugarloaf

Sunday 10 June 2018 With such a nice day expected we made plans to visit Echo Sugarloaf. As it is only a short walk we had plenty of time to stop for a coffee at Cygnet, and also made the walk slightly longer by starting at the western end of Randalls Bay.It proved to be a good decision as there is no parking where the track starts.

The reserve is 122 hectares and was donated to the state by local farmers, Max and Bev Thomas, for the protection of endangered species. Randalls Bay Landcare built a track which opened in 2018 and climbs quite gently most of the way by following the contours of the area. It does result in being about 300 metres distance from the top near the start but by the halfway mark you are 700 metres away.A pond with a well constructed platform is passed on the way.

Our version of the walk was 6.3k and took 1 ¾ hours of walking.

There is a photo album online

Spring Beach to Orford

Monday 4 June 2018

It seemed likely that the east coast would have pleasant weather and that proved to be the case. A relatively short walk from Spring Beach to the bridge at Orford was chosen and it gave us time for a coffee stop at Sorell and lunch at the café at the turn around point.

The early part of the walk is within mostly bushland, even though some dwellings are not far away.  This section includ

es the old sandstone quarry, which now has a nice set of rock steps to get to the bottom of it. As Shelly Beach gets closer so does lots of houses, mostly holiday ones by the look of the blinds covering the windows and lack off people. Nevertheless, it was a pleasant walk in such calm and sunny conditions.

Total walking time, including the quarry visit was 3:20 and a shade over 11k

Patrick Again

Mount Patrick Tuesday 29 May 2018 Neville hadn’t been to Mount Patrick and was keen to go there. Greg and I had been there before, but the previous excursion couldn’t have been too off-putting as we also went on the walk. The day was predicted to have a few showers, but there was only two extremely brief episodes. However, there was quite a bit of mist about in the higher altitudes. Once the turnoff to Patrick was reached the scrub was quite thick and part way through, when thick tea tree thickets were reached, many were broken back to mark the route. There were tapes as well to mark the route as it wended about, and this continued virtually all the way to the top. It took us 55 minutes to reach the summit, which was 5 minutes longer than in 2012 and perhaps indicating that the scrub slowed us down as well as being 6 years older.

The old hut site near the top of Mount Patrick seemed to be in much the same condition as on previous visits, except there was now no sign of the window. In the …

Flat Rock 2018

Cold Wind on Flat RockWednesday 16 May 2018 Although everywhere lower was pleasant enough, the same could not be said for the open high points on Flat Rock.Up there the wind had quite a bite and we were there for a while eating lunch.The views from Eastern Lookout were good, but even better from Western Lookout, but cloudy conditions kept the scene somewhat dull.
It took 2:15 to walk to Eastern Lookout on Flat Rock and 2:35 return via Western Lookout, a short Flat Rock side trip and Guvys Lagoon and seat.Total distance 14.6k

Flora at Last

Floras Falls – Silver Falls
Tuesday 15 May 2018
Following information that identified where floras Falls were, the incentive to make a visit was strong. The official name is Silver Falls and when we were last looking for Floras we had the intention of going to Silver Falls to check, but lost enthusiasm.It was just a short distance from where we had parked the car below Collins Cap. Prior to our walk the area had been subject to very heavy rain, causing flooding in Hobart. Now four days later there was a good flow in the creeks and Silver Falls Creek could be heard as we started to descend the steep slope of the reserve, then cascading water came into view. After 25 minutes the top of the falls and it was obvious that this was a significant waterfall, with plenty of water flowing it was in fact quite stunning. The falls are in an amphitheatre and in 3 sections totalling some 45 metres in overall height drop. He first drop has a sizeable overhang making it very easy to walk behind, whilst t…