Windy Indeed

Monday 13 May 2019
Mount Field East Circuit

We were expecting it to be  quite windy, but in the forest and past Lakes Nicholls and Rayner it was not too bad due to the shelter from the ridge above.  Once on the plateau though, the name Windy Moor was very appropriate.  The hardest part was keeping on the planking over the moor because the wind tried hard to blow us off. Conditions were easier once back in country enclosed by trees and bushes.
On approaching Lake Fenton there was still some Fagus on bushes, but most had gone until below the lake the autumn colours recommenced.  The lower we got the more colourful it got.

Gum trunks beside the track to Lake Nicholls

Lake Nichiolls

Lake Nicholls from near the plateau

The edge of Windy Moor

Fagus hanging on near Lake Fenton

Near the road close to the Woodland Walk

Trochocarpa  gunnii