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Tom Thumb Connection Hill

Tom Thumb   Tuesday 25 July 2023 This a walk I have done a few times and avoids a portion of fire trail walking     It is more  enjoyable done as a circuit and is not overly scrubby and makes for more interest.   The route  headed over the plains to the Mount Connection saddle and then it was just a matter of turning north and picking a way over the rising hill, dropping down to the small saddle with Tom Thumb.    During the crossing of this area, which is effectively the eastern end of Mount  Connection,   we came upon cairns and tapes     I found it surprising and said I would avoid following them, so had to dismantle a few, which caused some amusement. Once un the gully below Tom Thumb it was a fairly easy to locate a way to the top, but it was the descent that tricked and we missed a turn and got into a bit of a scramble before eventually getting back on track. On firetrail back to cars Thark Ridge from Tom Thumb View of Tom Thumb from approach route Open rocky top on route  Co

Rocky Tom -- Caves Hill

Friday 21 July 2023 Pleasant weather, although a touch cool on the exposed open top locations. Two rock climbers arrived as we were about to leave, after lunch, one being Peter Steane.   Cliff edge Tafoni  feature Caves       Caves Hill Rocky Tom

Old Hobartian Cliffs

 Thursday 20 July 2023 Although I have walked on the Old Hobartian Track many times, it was on recently that I spotted a small cliff line for the first time, and we ventured   today for a closer look. Although not high they were nevertheless interesting to visit.   Other than that, the walk was a fairly conventional loop via Hunters Track and a diversion to Lakins Lair and down to   join the Lenah Valley Track near the waterfall.   Lichen Cliff Epacris and sandstone cliff Under the cliffs 

Platform Peak

Tuesday 11 July 2023 The weather forecast for the area was a bit uncertain, however it stayed fine. There is now a bypass of some private property and, compared to when I was last at Platform Peak in 2015, it added an extra 26 minutes to the trip for what was a mere 300 metres distance. This is the total of inward and return, but it is on a rough bush track as against a vehicle track. The best part of the walk is once the old logging tracks are left and the climb to the southern end of Platform begins. The vegetation is nice on the climb and especially so along the 500 metre long plateau to the highest point on the northern end. As I mentioned in 2015, the Boronia would be delightful in flowering time. A Sheltered rock platform was found just below the top for lunch, with the snowgums adding to the wind barrier. I had forgotten how steep the descent was, meaning we had to take it carefully. The total time for the 12.8 walk was 5:39 but more than an hour was taken with morning bre

Knocklofty and Pottery

 Thursday 6 July 2023 Weather was good and walked from Weerona Avenue, via Frog Ponds the fire trail that follows a contour of Knocklofty above the tip. On reaching the end of this track, we walked up to a hill top for an early lunch at a spot in what I call Pottery Hills (not an official name). It was sunny and calm but a light breeze reminded us it was winter and encouraged us to move on. Return was over the top of Mount Stuart. Lunch location Dianella growing in fallen tree trunk View from lunch spot