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Lower South Wellington

A bushwalk from the Ice House to Wellington Falls Tracks, via Devils Gulch Monday 24th May 2010 From the Springs we could see just a fleck of snow and the wet and shady spots on the track were a little icy, however neither caused us any problem. It was a fine but cool morning and we stopped for an early morning tea just before reaching the top of the Ice House Track to avoid the colder breeze expected on top. The pad past Devils gulch was easy to follow and all was fairly straightforward with the only spot needing a bit of extra care being a couple of descents over boulders part way down to the slope.  The bushes on this south sloping face were still wet so with nota lot of sun getting to us below the tress we opted to lunch on the scree just above the Wellington Falls Track. A quick check on the homeward leg revealed Disappearing Tarn empty. To view a map of the walk plus photos click here

Devils Throne

Monday 17 May 2010 This was just a delightful day on the summit area of Wellington Park.  It was cold and foggy in the valleys below and a touch of frost present in the shadows along the way, but being so still the made us feel quite warm ans we walked along beside Thark Ridge to cross the high saddle and descent to Devils throne.   The track was very wet and we had to dodge the frequent pools of water but the views were splendid and it was ever so peaceful in the bush.  The return was via Roaring Creek and Thark Ridge. Cathedral Rock

Mt Marian

Monday 10 May 2010 A few days prior to this walk the weather forecast was for rain and winds, but fortunately it was amended to a fine day.  It was although quite windy and cold on top.  Two others from Bushwalk Tasmania joined the walk as we headed up the Myrtle Forest track to arrive at the fire trails in sunny conditions.  On arrival at the summit of Mt Marian we found it a bit windy and cool so walked aver the summit plateau to a sheltered sit for an early lunch. The BWT duo then started off on the 2k cross country journey to Mt Charles, whilst we headed back to the fire trail through the bush.  This proved to be much slower  than using the formed pad and it took us over an hour as against 40 minutes for the ascent.  On arrival at the fire  trail two pairs of footprints were noticed and we realised that the other two must have made impressive progress getting over to Mt Charles and back. It was subsequently learnt that they reached a high point on the far end of Marian platea

Tarn Shelf

Saturday 1 May 2010 Once on the Tarn Shelf we followed the track down to near James Tarn and from there wandered over parts of the shelf and rejoined the track just beyond the gully at Backhouse Tarn.  From there it was over a hill and down to a tarn then north to meet the track again at Twisted Tarn.  We decided to return via Twilight Tarn and Lake Webster to make a circuit walk. Some of the Fagus had fallen off the bushes but there was still plenty left and the colour was very good in the beautiful weather.  The section off track was a great delight as we meandered past the many Pencil Pines and pools. Tarn Shelf May 2010