Lower South Wellington

A bushwalk from the Ice House to Wellington Falls Tracks, via Devils Gulch
Monday 24th May 2010
From the Springs we could see just a fleck of snow and the wet and shady spots on the track were a little icy, however neither caused us any problem. It was a fine but cool morning and we stopped for an early morning tea just before reaching the top of the Ice House Track to avoid the colder breeze expected on top.
The pad past Devils gulch was easy to follow and all was fairly straightforward with the only spot needing a bit of extra care being a couple of descents over boulders part way down to the slope.  The bushes on this south sloping face were still wet so with nota lot of sun getting to us below the tress we opted to lunch on the scree just above the Wellington Falls Track. A quick check on the homeward leg revealed Disappearing Tarn empty.
IMG_3618 Ice on track Sth Wellington
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