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Prosser Sugarloaf

Saturday 26 July 08 This is the Dave T and Peter F version of the walk and everything that went wrong was the fault of Dave H. When the Buckland valley came into view it was filled with fog and we left Twamley in the thick of it. However, as height was gained we walked out of it and enjoyed morning tea in the sun. Apart from a minor and soon corrected diversion, all went well until arriving at a junction marked left to Tram track and right to Golden Gully. Our mistake here was not to get out the map. Ahead in the direction the Golden Gully track went was a prominent rocky eminence, and being the highest thing we could see, just assumed it was Prosser Sugarloaf. After descending into Golden Gully and then climbing to the ridge saddle we simply turned right off the track and headed uphill, only to find it all levelled out and a look behind revealed a much higher hill. Time to check the GPS, and on consulting the map discovered we were on Blue Gum Spur, and thus about 2 ki