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Sand River Cliffs 2020

  Friday  16 October 2020 There have been a few people and groups walking to the Sand River area. It has been frequented by rock climbers for the last 3-4 years and there are good directions on how to get there and to the various cliffs.   What was a surprise was the extent of the climbing routes put in and the number of metal supports drilled into the sandstone cliffs. The tracks were also clear and well used, so a lot of climbers must go there. Tracks went along the base of the cliffs and this made it fairly easy walking, although there were several small scrambles and ledges to negotiate. The flowers were splendid, initially lots of colourful Tetratheca (Black Eyed Susan), with two shades of mauve and several of the less common white form. Then the area became dominated by Oxylobium (Golden Rosemary) which was quite brilliant. Many other plants were flowering at their peak. The main location of our walk was named the Colosseum and was an extensive cliffline. Towards the end of t