Mount Dromedary

Tuesday 22 June 2021

A bushwalk that climbs to a plateau area that was selectively logged many years ago but is now not unpleasant country. It finishes in a steady and moderately steep climb to the summit.

As noted on the previous visit in 2016 some sections had plenty of vegetation growing in the track, but nothing too overgrown to require much pushing through.

Prior to the day, I had heard that access was now more difficult as a house is going to be built that would block the way. It was understood the owner was friendly enough and was agreeable to a reroute being put in. However, access was still possible at this stage. What will happen is uncertain and it may well be that a different way in will be needed in the near future.

We decided to take the slightly longer but drier route in, but went on the alternative for the return leg. Although there was plenty of water about on the lower track, it was easy enough to avoid getting wet feet. The ascent on the bush track to Mount Dromedary summit was rocky and steep, but gave us good views over the country, where much of the Derwent Valley remained under thick fog. This enhanced the views over the south west peaks. It was a fine day with just a hint of weak sun.

It was 6.9k and 2:23 inwards and the return 6.65k and 2:15 

Fog in the Derwent Valley

Party at bottom of climbing track

Mount Dromedary