Yellow Cliffs

Tuesday 28 February 2023

This walk took the easiest route in to Yellow Cliffs, which departs from Nicholls Road. The old fire trail is used and is relatively level most of the way to the junction with the track to Glen Dhu Rivulet. On the way we stopped at a cliff edge with views to Yellow Cliffs for morning break. Once over the rivulet it is only a very short distance the cliffs and we walked along the base this spectacular area to a ledge where a lunch stop was made before returning to the cars.

The elapsed time for the 7k walk was 5 hours.
Overhang near Glen Dhu track

Yellow Cliffs view from lookout 

Glen Dhu Rivulet

Colour on rock

Rock pattern of smallholes

Along the base

Cliff view

View back along cliffs

Pigface on cliff face

Shaped rocks

Under cliffs

The photo album is here or click image below

Yellow Cliffs 2023 

Yellow Cliffs 2023

Yellow Cliffs profile