Mount Connection

Tuesday 12 October 2021

From Pulpit Rock  with  view to Mount Montagu

The start along the Big Bend Fire Trail is now nicer to walk on than in prior years. Once at the junction with the walking track it becomes nice walking country. We stopped at the copse of trees part way over the plain of the headwaters of Mountain River, where there is a rather pleasant open spot amongst the trees. From there the track sidles up the top of Mount Connection. At this point the track was left to visit The Lectern and then Pulpit Rock ,all in nice alpine vegetation including snow gums,. As always the return part that on the ascent of the fire trail was tedious and felt like the hardest bit of the walk.

All up it was 10.3k 5:40.

Collins Bonnet

A photo album is here.

Route profile

For some strange reason when the data from the phone app is downloaded the distance is not correct. it is 10.3k   and not the 11.2 shown above

Route from track to The Lectern and Pulpit Rock