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Tarn Shelf Fault

Tuesday 27 February 2024 When you look towards Mount Bridges from Snowgum Track lookout there is a distinct split in the land. This walk included a visit to that site but getting down to it was further than my memory of it. The really sheer cliffy part entailed getting down sloping rock, but it was unknown how difficult it would be to climb out, we didn't go down to the floor. Prior to this the walk was along Tarn Shelf to the northern end of Johnston Tarn and descending to a ledge with numerous pools and on to the wide saddle with Mount Bridges. On the way out we were treated to a cup of tea at Oldina ski lodge. Fault Fault viewed from Snowgum lookout Johnston Tarn Pool on edge Pools on ledge Bladderwart Utricularia  pool and pine Trees at edge of saddle Walk profile from after morning tea to end A photo album is online     Tarn Shelf Fault

Thark Ridge Slab

  Tuesday 20 February 2024 The circuit part of this walk was off-track  on and beside Thark Ridge through pleasant country ranging from alpine moor through snowgum woods and open heathy sections.  Part of the walk followed a rock slab slope, the start marked with a couple of old cairns, which were spotted by the eagle eyed in our party (that is not by me).   We started at Big Bend and went over the high point on the southern section of Thark and returned on part of the Devils Throne track. The old fire trail, on the western side of Thark, had some bare areas and in other parts the line could be discerned. We ventured on to the plain at one point and could see the old walking track that went to Devils Throne.  It is recovering well and the section of former fire trail leading to it is rapidly overgrowing now that it not used for access.   Rock cairn   Collins Bonnet   Rock slab       Rock feature     Old fire trail Track profile with an unexplained 100m altitude error  We were always ab

Victors Garden Mount Arthur

  Monday 5 February 2024 After what might be well over 10 years ago, we decided to visit Victors Hut site.   When looking up the history of the place I noticed that under ListTheMountain a statement that “The pine trees (being non-endemic) were cut out by Council.”   I was pleased to read this because it had been discussed with various Hobart and Glenorchy bushcare staff, with sometimes a suggestion that the Friends of Wellington Park   should just quietly go and kill the pines, but we never got around to doing it.    One expedition did go there and removed a variety of weeds in 2009 but did not have anything to deal with the huge pines. On this current walk we were disappointed to find that the pines had not been cut down and were very much alive.    What a pity.    There are also other weed exotic species there, including the invasive one of Ivy and a couple of Mullein   (which we pulled out). The bush is gradually taking hold, with lots of Dogwood.  Mount Arthur   Sawpit Trac