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South Peak Freycinet Peninsula

3 – 5 October 2012 Although it was fine weather for the three days we did get quite a bit of wind starting late the first night and continuing during the day; but certainly nowhere like the ferocious winds that hit the south of the state. As expected the lagoons behind Hazards Beach were high so we had to walk the beach. A group of kayakers was at the Lagunta Creek end as we passed through on the way to Cooks. The flowers were at their peak between the two beaches and again on the track to Bryans Beach. At the end of Bryans Graham spotted a suspicious spot and much to our surprise found it contained a geocache. A bit of scrub was met on the way to Passage Beach and plenty of knee high stuff from the other end on the way to the southern peaks of the peninsula overlooking Cape Geographe. The way back was easier although the route taken was longer. Graham left early on the final day and walked out via Mount Graham and met back up with us at Wineglass Beach. On our way out we discove

White Timber Mountain

Sunday 14 October 2012 This was the second attempt on this peak; the first being cancelled a couple of weeks back due to snow cover.  My only other time there was in July 2000. The climb up Jeffreys Track was quite steep and took us about an hour, but from there it was all relatively level.  That is apart from the few gentle ups and downs.  The walk was on a Sunday, which probably accounts for the motor bike riders we met.  One fellow zoomed up Jeffreys and then back again and part way along White Timber three bikes passed us and later on our return leg they passed again as they headed back.   All were quite friendly and the three slowed down upon seeing us. There were a number of large boggy puddles that had to be edged around until the forestry roaded part of white Timber Trail was reached.  The road is unpleasant to walk on and the bush each side has been pushed aside to make a wide corridor.  In the early parts of the trail we passed several very attractive and intere