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Sphinx Cousin

Tuesday 14 February 2017

Some years ago, I climbed on to the top of a sandstone monolith just below Sphinx Rock, which I am dubbing Sphinx Cousin as there are a lot of similarities. Anyway, I was there again a few weeks ago, and thought it would be good to return to re-explore the spot. The walk went up the Cascade track to the spot where a creek joined Guy Fawkes Rivulet.  There is a rough but clearly visible track ending here, but I could not locate it and we eventually ended up on Main Fire Trail.  On revisiting the map, I discovered that the correct route did start at the crossing but turned up more to the right, rather than go uphill left.
Middle Track was used, going past old hut ruins to the Lenah Valley Track; quite a continuous uphill climb. Once at Sphinx Cousin I lead the way up a little gully to top out in thick scrub. The small open area was eventually reached and a good lunch spot is was too.  Neville suggested returning via the quite short bit of bush to the base of Sphin…

Lakes Perry and Osborne

Superb Waratahs Monday 19 December 2016

The weather was good the forecast not so for later days that week, so the 19th was it. 

The Waratah were at peak flowering and as good as I have ever seen;  a real delight.

It was a shortish morning walk although the track from Osborne to Perry is not high class, in fact I heard of someone recently not being able to find it. Some prior GPS readings helped locate the old and very muddy old track between Osborne and Perry.

On returning a  BBQ lunch was enjoyed  at Waratah Shelter in the sun

A photo album is online