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Lake Seal

Wednesday 6 June 2012 The weather was fine for this walk, which took in Platypus Tarn so we could check how much more Morning tea at Platypus Tarn work was needed to clear the track and then after morning tea at the tarn it was back to the main track and off to the junction with the Lake Seal track. We had expected the bit to the lake to be pretty poor, but in fact is wasn’t apart from a 50 metre section of bog near the bottom. The sign at the junction says 30 minutes to the lake, but it takes only 10 minutes to get there so perhaps it is meant be the return time, after allowing break there. Lake Seal We walked through a wet area to the mouth where the Broad River starts and found a lovely high and dry nook among the trees for lunch. A search of area happily failed to find any Erica, which was in a quite old and doubtful report. It didn’t seem a very likely spot for it to grow.