Two out of Three

Waterfalls On Marriotts Creek

Tuesday 11 December 2018

It was hoped to visit the three waterfalls on Marriotts Creek. This arose following an enquiry about the third waterfall at Marriotts. It prompted me to look back at my old slide photos and I do have one which I have scanned.  It is marked as the third waterfall and it does look smaller that the other two falls, which is the way I remember it.  However, it looks more impressive than my memory, but it was taken in 1986 or early 1987 so it is hardly surprising my memory of it is not that good.
The first waterfall - Marriotts Falls

It is not a long walk but it was more convoluted getting to the second falls than I remembered and by then 2 hours had elapsed. As the distance and time that would be need to get to the third falls was unknown, a decision was made to go no further.

Second waterfall on Marriotts Creek
Base of tree. I didn't notice the graffiti until I looked at the photo

Often it is shady at waterfalls but below the second fall on Marriotts Creek it was pleasantly light and sunny, although on this warm day we chose the dappled shade at the edge for lunch. The falls were quite spectacular and high and we considered them better than the first waterfall.

Elapsed time for the walk  was 5:40 for 10.3k

A photo album from the day is here, it also has an option to view the location on a map.

 Waterfalls on Marriotts CreekWaterfalls on Marriotts Creek