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Dolomieu Point

Walk along the quite scenic Fortescue beach and on to the headland where numerous penguins reside passing Canoe Bay before the climb over a hill to Bivouac Bay. From here it is a gentle climb to Dolomieu Point The day was quite warm but the shade from the trees helped keep the direct sun off us most of the time and once at Dolomieu Point and beyond there was a cool breeze. Click the image below for photos Dolomieu Point Dolomieu Point Map your trip with EveryTrail

Arthurs Peak

18 November 2009 Delightfully sunny but mild conditions made for a very enjoyable walk, made even better by the massive display of wildflowers for the whole distance of the walk. The track was easily followed and mostly quite dry and the views from Arthurs Peak along towards Tasman Island and over to Crescent Bay were great. Arthurs Peak

Alpha Pinnacle Reserve

9th November 2009 The day was quite hot, exceeding 30 degrees, which made the walk somewhat harder. Initially we followed the track through Chauncy Vale then onto Flat Rock where the first real decision on what route to take had to be made. The left track was taken, partly because it had blue markers, and at the next junction we headed right to eventually pick up and old overgrowing track then through the bush to meet a logging road. The country ahead of hill looked dreadful and came as surprise, because instead of nice bushland it had all been logged and replanted with a Eucalypt plantation right up to the very boundary of the Alpha Pinnacle Reserve . This looked new and the gums were small and even Google Earth still showed the land as forest. Other minor annoyance from the numerous spider webs all had been going fine until here. Things began to go less than hoped for from here. The first omen was Nigel tripping over an old bit of fencing wire and nose diving over some rocks; fortu