Table Mountain from the East

Monday 30 September 2019

Shirley suggested a walk from Sarahs Waterfall to Table Mountain and asked me to work out a route, as I have a GPS.  We delayed the walk until the end of September and just as well, because we probably would have run out daylight if it took place in winter.

There are logging roads and tracks with bush in between and a plantation. Just prior to Sarahs Waterfall is open bushland, but then a plantation had to be skirted before a section of forest. After a circuitous approach we arrived at a substantial logging road which we stayed on for the next 3.2 kilometres. The final section was on an old wide track leading to the summit.

The weather was pleasant, calm and sunny all day, but we were feeling weary by the finish of this 22k 8 hour day.

The actual walking took 3:50 to get there and 3:15 back. This is partly explained by the inward route deviating somewhat to total 11.4k whilst the more direct return was 10.6.   There 3.2k of good standard logging road which we thought took less time on the homeward journey, but in fact was 2 minutes slower (0:44 back and 0:42 for the uphill inward leg).

Table Mountain  Photo Wayne Goodwin

Cliffs of Table Mountain