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Mt Anne Walk

22 - 24 March 2008  The first section of plain has been burnt, probably from JM-S management burn, and there are plenty of dead sticks to push through and the boggy middle bit . Once through the first forest band it was back to unburnt scrub, although it is getting taller, followed by the ascent through the forest. Here we had several delays in locating the route and areas with Horizontal and other scrub to find a way through, plus a number of branches to clamber under or over. We were well behind on my original times which brought home to me how much age slows you down; for example the quickest of our crossings of the first part of the plains crossing took 50 minutes as against the old one of 40 minutes. More dramatic was the extra hour to both way between Sandfly Creek and the ridge, partly due to the greater difficulty in finding the track. Camp was reached later than anticipated and cloud had enveloped the mountain peaks, but as we started cooking the sky gradually

Circuit of Cradle Mt and Barn Bluff

Friday 29 February 08 to Monday 3 March 08 This was a trip that benefited greatly from being able to choose days when the weather was most favourable. We delayed a day or two until the forecast was for 4 good, mild days and after travelling to Cradle spent the remainder of the day climbing to a delightful campsite that we have used on a number of occasions. It is a beautiful spot and we never tire of staying there. The last of the day, after a relatively early tea, was spent wondering about the pine studded area and enjoying the views of tarns, lakes, cliffs and steep valleys. Thinking that there would be heaps of time to fit in the second day agenda meant that we did not rush away and enjoyed the calm sunny morning. Eventually the Face Track was reached and followed to the junction with the ascent of Cradle. Now it is about 20 years since last climbing this peak and my notes suggested allowing 2 hours for the return walk; but we soon discovered that the climb was harder and