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The Worst and Best of Ways

Monash Valley Friday 27 December 2019 According to a GPS track file we tried walking to the Monash Valley by a northern route and I thought it might be worth going that way again.  However, it was a bit scrubby and rocky and was probably the worst way to go.  Once there a gentle slope was noticed leading up to Wombat Moor and this was used for the return and proved to be the best way from the various ones used over the years. Gums at edge of Monash Valley Although Boronia and Epacris were flowering well, along with Bauera, the scoparia was very poor with only a few bushes having any flowers. Pencil pine   Richea scoparia Epacris serpyllifolia  Thyme heath Richea scoparia Richea scoparia Waratah Telopia truncata   It took 1:20 to get to the valley and 0:55 back.