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Devils Throne

 Tuesday 30 April 2024 For second time this month the weather was not good and although we walked for about 20 minutes it was decided to turn around and give it away. It was clear driving up at The Springs, then became drizzly soon after but was not at Big Bend. However soon after leaving we encountered quite a bit of drizzle and it looked very uninviting ahead. After a coffee at Lost Freight, I decided to go on a short walk and find a dry spot for lunch. There were a number of interesting things noted. First was a group including people with paramedic on the clothing and most with overnight packs, presumably some exercise.   Then along the Lenah Valley Track a bloke with a huge high pack, then when on the Sawmill Track a couple of couple of fellows ascending through the bush about 50 metres from the track.   I stopped for lunch at the little Sphinx rock and could hear them above me and the sound of something being moved.   Next came two young men setting up for bouldering at the

Neika Cliffs

 Tuesday 16 April 2024 Because it was drizzly on top of kunanyi we stayed low instead of going to Thark Ridge.   From the Springs the walk used Reids Track to the Pipeline Track and once near the cliffs, which I refer to as Neika Cliffs, we ascended the steep slope.    Once there we walked along the eastern facing cliffs then explored the northern side, which extended much further. At the end of the eastern side some ascended to the top and although ribbons were noticed we didn’t follow them.   On rereading the climber's website   it did lead on to another cliff line and another above that. Base of cliff Cliff face Yellow lichen Elbow tree. A photo album can be viewed by clicking here or from the image below. Neika Cliffs

Cathedral Rock

Tuesday 9 April 2024 Ridgeline to Montagu Thumbs and Mount Montagu and Collins Bonnet in distance One of the reasons for this walk was to check if some confusing track points have developed. Initially the track is close to the North West Bay River, but it eventually climbs in zig zag fashion up an old fire trail to reach the junction with the track to Cathedral Rock. This latter part is steep but the final push to the summit even more so. The only noticeable thing that we thought could cause confusion was the turnoff from the old fire trail which now didn’t have a marker. All up the actual return walking time was about 4 hours and elapsed time of 5:30 for the 10k walk.      Woodland beside the North West Bay River   Scree and Snake Plains on right    A photo album is online at this link or click image below   Cathedral Rock     Track profile   Note that time is longer than the rest of the party as I diverted to check on a weed site. The rest time is not available as the profile