Cape Queen Elizabeth

 Monday 22 March 2021

The weather was warm and calm for the whole day for this interesting walk.  The most memorable feature is Mars Bluff with two narrow passages to go through.  First is a gap between the bluff and a satellite stack, whilst the second is through Mars Bluff.  

On the previous visit it was easy to walk around the next part of the bluff on the sand, but today the tide was too high for that and we had to resort to climbing above the water.   Also, on that earlier walk we had gone past the arch that followed without noticing it, but fortunately Greg told us to look left as we were about the go past without noticing again.  It is quite a spectacular feature. 

Miles Beach is not too long, so you don’t get sick of walking on sand before getting back to the track, which then passes through some nice coastal Eucalypt woodland before the final ascent to Cape Queen Elizabeth. Lunch was among some stunted Euc cordata on the north side of a gulch.

The  elapsed time for the walk was almost 5:30 and the distance travelled 14k


Arch at Mars Bluff

The gap through Mars Bluff


Mars Bluff

Miles Beach


Cape Queen Elizabeth

Stunted Eucalyptus cordata at the cape.


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Cape Queen Elizabeth 2021 

Cape Queen Elizabeth 2021