Davis Lookout

Tuesday 21 February 2023

The approach taken to Davis Lookout left the end of the Windy Moor boardwalk and skirted Mount Field East. This brought us to lovely country just a little higher then the surrounding moorland. Lots of open areas between shrubs interspersed with flat rock slabs. Coming at Davis Lookout from this angle can lead you onto false summits, but with coordinates from the previous walk there enabled these to be avoided.

It was decided to return via the Davis River valley but we descended too early and think it would have been easier to remain higher for longer and avoid some of the higher scrub.

The walk was 12.5k and it took close to 7:20 with actual walking time close to 5:40. 


Rocky knob

Coral fern between the low bushes

Rocky top common in this area

View north with distant Wylds Craig is peak in centre

Profile of walk


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 Davis Lookout 


Davis Lookout