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Off to the Panopticon

Sand River Cliffs Tuesday 27 July 2021 I looked up what panopticon is and found it is building design that was designed for prisons and allows a single guard to observe all prisoners. I think one of prisons at Port Arthur has that design. Soon after our arrival at the start of vehicle track to the climber’s car park, a car pulled up and entertained us with the attempts to drive up the initial steep hill. Initially we walked the short distance to Barbecue Crag and then headed on to Panopticon Crag. It was here that several climbers were met and added to the interest. After wandering along the base of the cliffs we then went up a gully to the cliff top for lunch. The weather was favourable, with mostly sunny conditions prevailing.    Panopticon cliffs Boronia anemonifolia (Stinking Boronia) Under the cliffs There is a photo album here    or click image below       Sand River Panopticon 2021 Murray has sent through this link to his photos.