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Patrick Again

Mount Patrick Tuesday 29 May 2018 Neville hadn’t been to Mount Patrick and was keen to go there. Greg and I had been there before, but the previous excursion couldn’t have been too off-putting as we also went on the walk. The day was predicted to have a few showers, but there was only two extremely brief episodes. However, there was quite a bit of mist about in the higher altitudes. Once the turnoff to Patrick was reached the scrub was quite thick and part way through, when thick tea tree thickets were reached, many were broken back to mark the route. There were tapes as well to mark the route as it wended about, and this continued virtually all the way to the top. It took us 55 minutes to reach the summit, which was 5 minutes longer than in 2012 and perhaps indicating that the scrub slowed us down as well as being 6 years older. Georges Flagland Hut ruin on summit Bush at Mount Patrick summit area The old hut site near the top of Mount Patrick seemed to b

Flat Rock 2018

Cold Wind on Flat Rock Wednesday 16 May 2018 Although everywhere lower was pleasant enough, the same could not be said for the open high points on Flat Rock.   Up there the wind had quite a bite and we were there for a while eating lunch.   The views from Eastern Lookout were good, but even better from Western Lookout, but cloudy conditions kept the scene somewhat dull. It took 2:15 to walk to Eastern Lookout on Flat Rock and 2:35 return via Western Lookout, a short Flat Rock side trip and Guvys Lagoon and seat.     Total distance 14.6k Cliffs of Chauncy Vale Old Eucalypt trunk Flat Rock

Flora at Last

Floras Falls – Silver Falls Tuesday 15 May 2018 Following information that identified where floras Falls were, the incentive to make a visit was strong. The official name is Silver Falls and when we were last looking for Floras we had the intention of going to Silver Falls to check, but lost enthusiasm.   It was just a short distance from where we had parked the car below Collins Cap. Prior to our walk the area had been subject to very heavy rain, causing flooding in Hobart. Now four days later there was a good flow in the creeks and Silver Falls Creek could be heard as we started to descend the steep slope of the reserve, then cascading water came into view. After 25 minutes the top of the falls and it was obvious that this was a significant waterfall, with plenty of water flowing it was in fact quite stunning. Upper section The falls are in an amphitheatre and in 3 sections totalling some 45 metres in overall height drop. He first drop has a sizeable overhang maki