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Green Head

20 June 2009 In delightful sunny and at times quite warm weather we walked the circuit from Lime Bay to Green Head and on to Lagoon Beach to return via Sloping Lagoon. More photos are on the web

South Cape Rivulet

22-23 April 2009 Our plan to spend four days in the Walls was replaced with two days to South Cape Rivulet, simply because the north west was expecting rain for the last days. The weather was absolutely ideal with clear skies and quite calm wind on both days. Late in the afternoon a group of about 12 from a Cygnet school arrived, but as we had the small campsite a little distant from the main one, our peace wasn't disturbed much at all. Whilst most of the walk was very pleasant there is one aspect that is very much below par. And that is the deplorable state of the track that bypasses Lion Rock. I have been along this track over a number of years and have observed the gradual deterioration. Stretches that had once been heavily shaded but relatively dry, became soft and muddy over the years, but are now quite boggy and causing braiding as people walk wide to avoid the mud. The lengths of deteriorating sections have now increased as well. After having walked the South Coast Track