Mount Eliza Plateau

Tuesday 15 February 2022

This was my first time up the Mount Eliza track since it had been rebuilt following the recent bushfire, with the previous time being in 2004. It notably now has a huge number of steps and that had me puffing with the effort of climbing them. The breaks we had were most appreciated and I felt the worst was over once the High Camp Memorial Hut was reached. However, I had truly forgotten the effort needed to ascend the boulder field to the summit.

Once on the plateau of Mount Eliza the benefits were plentiful, with lovely alpine country, spotted with tarns and pools and the spectacular views of Lake Judd and surrounds from the cliff edge.

Getting down the boulders didn’t seem as taxing as expected, although the steps from there felt like they went for a long time.

It was the hardest walk I have done for some time, and I slept very well that night.

Excluding morning tea, it took 3¼ hours to the summit and 2½ back down with almost 2 hours on the plateau and it was a 10.6k walk. The weather was warm, especially in the afternoon on the descent.

On track with Mount Eliza

Mount Eliza and ridge up

Mount Anne

Mount Eliza

Tarn on Mount Eliza     Sarah Jane beyond

Pool on Mount Eliza

Lake Judd and Mount Sarah Jane

Gentian  Gentianella diemensis

Mount Anne

Scotts Pk Folded Giblin Frankland R, Solitary

Profile of walk

There is a photo album online

Mount Eliza Plateau Feb 2022 

Mount Eliza Plateau Feb 2022