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Retreat on Kunanyi

Friday 19 October 2018 Originally the plan was to walk from Lenah Valley up to the Retreat Hut then to Organ Pipes track and down the new Pinnacle track. To The Springs Pomaderris elliptica Yellow Dogwood New Town Falls Pultenaea juniperina Lenah Valley Track Outcrop near New Town Falls I had coordinates for the start of the Retreat track from when I went last, which was some time ago but it seems to have changed. We  followed the GPS compass over the rocks and quite soon came upon the well worn pad at the edge of the bushline, and it was then just a matter of continuing up from there. Unburnt vegetation behind Retreat Hut By the time the Retreat was reached it was clear that there was insufficient time to return via The Springs, if the planned finish by mid afternoon was to be met. Instead the Organ Pipes track was taken to The Chalet and the Old Hobartian used. We noticed the erosion near the Lost World and on other parts of New Town Rivulet. One